Jenkins and Azure – A great combination

Jenkins days 2017 is a spin-off based on Jenkins World which was held earlier that year. It includes a summary of the best sessions of Jenkins World. Plus a number of use cases by important customers of Cloudbees. Wiebe de Roos gave a presentation with the following title. Jenkins and Azure – A great combination

Cloudbees & the enterprise

Cloudbees has a lot of enterprise grade customers. The talk was about the implementation of Jenkins tools within the context of Azure. Its main focus was to show the combination of Jenkins and Azure in a highly secure environment. In this environment a high number of sensitive applications is being processed using the Jenkins CI/CD orchestration tool.

Jenkins platform

Enterprises use a combination of Jenkins Masters at the on-prem datacenter and Azure. The workloads which run on Jenkins slaves can expand Microsoft Azure. All is controlled from Jenkins Operation center. The operation center controls all servers from a single point of view. Using this solution more and more teams can be onboarded to Jenkins. It greatly helps to keep up with the ever growing amount of teams.

High score

The audience voted for the speaker and the contents of the presentation. Business IT Nerd received the highest score for both. It proves our experts are not only subject-matter experts but also great presenters which inspire people and at the same time boost their knowledge.

Wrap up and more details

More info can be found on the website of Cloudbees and at the website of Flusso (Blog is in Dutch).