Modernize CI/CD initiatives to accelerate DevSecOps

On 28th of March Business IT Nerd gave a presentation at the meetup which was organized by DevSecOpsNL. The meetup was hosted by KPN at Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Around 50-60 people attended it. The full title was Modernize CI/CD initiatives to accelerate DevSecOps for the enterprise.

Highlights of CI/CD journey

This presentation highlighted the ups and downs of a 2 year journey to move a large CI/CD tool to the cloud. The tool is running in production since October 2018. It has a big impact on the CI/CD & DevOps program which is currently being rolled out at one of our customers. The movement accelerated innovation and a lot of Dev(Sec)Ops initiatives which in itself impacts 350+ DEV teams.

Mixture of topics

It’s a mixture of a lot of topics with 1 goal in mind: improve and speed up 😉 We touched various important moments in time both from the business (management) as well as technical perspective.

Some key points of the talk:

  • Explaining the context of the initiatives
  • Zoom in into the business cases, strategic choices
  • Positioning and the Business IT Maturity model
  • Stakeholder management
  • Definition of “Enterprise solutions”

Bridge the gap

The presentation was very well received both by the technical guys who got fresh new ideas about their struggles to get their ideas on track and the business guys who saw there is a bridge between their way of thinking and the tech guys.

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