Hot, hotter, hottest – Building a container platform for the banking industry

Last year, Amazic organized the 1-day conference “Containers Today”. Business IT Nerd conducted a talk about Containers in the Enterprise. The title was: Dockerizing the Enterprise – fast & secure. This year, a new talk is presented. The presentation is all about the Container Platform in the AWS public cloud which is being created as part of the Container Strategy of a large enterprise. Title of the talk: Hot, hotter, hottest – building a container platform for the banking industry.


Grab the highlights of the talk:

  • Short history of containers within the Enterprise
  • Current status of the container platform
  • The journey of Container security within a Cloud native environment
  • Details of the implementation of OPA – Open Policy Agent
  • Next steps and future roadmap

Open Policy Agent

A number of slides includes details of the implementation of Open Policy Agent (OPA). With this open source tool it is possible to control the deployment of workloads in Kubernetes. For example:

  • Restrict the deployment of applications in a dedicated namespace
  • Control network traffic to isolate workloads from each other
  • Prevent deployments which do not adhere to any given standards
  • Control and monitor workloads which lack certain (security) settings

Container security

This presentation also highlighted some examples of Container security using the Container security platform build by Twistlock.

We moved on to the next level of this topic by explaining the next steps about container runtime security. Also, we highlighted some statistics on most common and widely spread vulnerabilities. This information is only useful when you get proper advice on how to remediate those. Exactly what we showed. Sometimes you just have to accept the risks to move on.

See the blog post about the Cloud Native Security day for more details.

Read more about the presentation at the website of Flusso (in Dutch)