How the make it practical

Help Software Developers to think and act from a business perspective and help business owners to think from a nerdy perspective. It helps to give direction to the “why questions“. It’s all about How the make it practical.

This helps to minimize miscommunication between (business)managers and the people actually coding stuff.

  • Provide a very end-user friendly way of handling complex IT related topics: explain them in an easy fashion to Business Managers.
  • Use theoretical models and apply them in a practical way, for example to explain use cases, diagrams, etc.
  • Clarify and reduce all unneeded (IT related) processes/steps to achieve the right business goals.
  • Conducting Proof of Concepts for various IT related projects and tools which help the business decide to evaluate those from a business point of view.
  • Build up your CI/CD enabled organization step by step.

There is a lot more involved in getting the concept into reality. Contact us for more info or advice.