For IT Nerds with a Business Vision in mind

Business IT Nerd aligns the strategy of your organization with practical IT related projects.

Business IT Nerd offers a unique concept within the IT industry. It is a small consultancy company which offers a mix of technical and business related services to organizations that produce software.

The main focus is to align the business strategy of your organization with the right IT projects and activities and the other way around. It’s like Dev(Sec)Ops with the right business value.

This philosophy bridges the gap between the strategy of an organization, the right (technical) architecture and the (infrastructure) components. We use unique concepts and known methodologies, proven technology and best practices to make it happen. Check the framework for more details or jump directly to our portfolio projects or use cases.


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We use a conceptual framework in all our services.


To reduce the time and costs spent on the wrong projects & activities which do not fit the vision and strategy of your company. Business IT Nerd has experts who know the technical stuff as well as the business related aspects. Read more.


Our services include the implementation of technical tools and the improvement of (Agile) processes. Business IT Nerd has a very good track record of successfully conducted projects at different companies. Read more.


Beautiful words – the answers to the how questions are important. Key aspects which help Software Developers to think and act from a business perspective and help business owners to think from a nerd perspective. Read more.

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