Transforming CI/CD at scale

The people of invited Stefan Simenon and Wiebe de Roos to conduct a webinar about the journey and implementation of the CI/CD processes within the IT Solutions department. The full title of the blog is Transforming CI/CD at an  enterprise to Accelerate Software Delivery and Improve Security.

CI/CD processes

It’s great to mention this blog here since it covers a lot of topics we are specialized in. In the blog there is a lot of attention to the CI/CD related processes and organization changes. It also includes the improvements of all security related aspects which play an important role in the Software Delivery processes.


Large enterprises use continuous integration/continuous delivery to help to accelerate software delivery and improve security. In this webinar, Stefan Simenon, Head of Centre of Expertise Software Development & Tooling and Wiebe de Roos, CI/CD Consultant Engineer, explain the journey, the approach, tools used, results realized and the way forward.


In the talk they highlighted the following topics and achievements:

  • The CI/CD transformation doubled the velocity of their developers
  • The bank was able to respond to competitive threats more quickly
  • They introduced and successfully rolled out new innovations on an ongoing basis

More info

More about the webinar can be found at the website of The session can be watched on demand after you have registered yourself. This webinar was sponsored by Cloudbees.