About us – the main driver of this website

Wiebe de Roos

In 2018 I set up the concept and initiative of the this website. I have a very strong technical background in IT related projects but also seeing business opportunities all across the departments of the companies I worked for.

At present I work as a CI/CD consultant & engineer from an enterprise perspective. Some examples of the contents of his work includes:

  • Tool selection on an enterprise level to match a lot of stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Writing articles from a technical and business oriented point of view.
  • Coaching and advising students from multiple universities throughout Europe to graduate.
  • Conducting an RFP for (Docker) Container run-time vulnerability scanning on a enterprise level.
  • Setting the vision and implementing the Jenkins “reference” pipelines.
  • Set the vision and the goals about the movement of all CI related tools from the on-prem datacenter to the AWS public cloud.
  • Transform traditional “OPS” teams to Dev(Sec)Ops teams.



  • Has vision
  • Open minded
  • Both abstract and practical
  • Uber agile – quickly change direction
  • Curious to new technologies
  • Humor and professionalism
  • Communicates very well on all levels


  • Dutch
  • English
  • German (basics)
  • Spanish (very basic)

If you require more information about my projects and skills, check LinkedIn.