Business IT Nerd offers the following services

We are here to help you with CI/CD and DevSecOps related projects. All we do from a Business and Technical point for view to align your business goals with your IT strategy.

Expert level knowledge and presentations

We gave a lot of presentations and knowledge sharing sessions about CI/CD, DevSecOps and Cloud (native) technologies. Most of it is customized for your case. Contact us to see what the options are.

Advise how to align your IT projects with your business strategy

With our advice about this – your company will benefit from the principle of doing the things right versus doing the right things.

Define the best strategy to migrate your applications to the Cloud

Cloud is here to stay, if you have not touched the basics – we help you getting started in a meaningful way.

Write business cases to implement new tools and technologies

Every IT project to be successful should have a business case. We can help you define it for your CI/CD and DevSecOps related projects and tools.

The implementation of tools and best practices of CI/CD and DevSecOps at Enteprise level

All projects we execute in large organizations are from an “enterprise perspective”. They serve the company from a business point of view – consumers are not isolated teams – but the entire company.

Didn’t find what you are looking for?

If you did not find what service you are looking for – please contact us to get in touch. We are happy to discuss your challenges and like to reach out to you to solve them.