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Our services make things practical and tangible. Please find the following services below to give you an impression of what we offer to our customers.

Since every customer is unique and has unique needs, it’s always possible to speak about your challenges to find the perfect match between your problem area and what we offer.

Expert level presentations

We give presentations and spread our (business and technical) knowledge through public and private sessions about CI/CD, DevSecOps and Cloud (native) trends. Standardized presentations for common problem areas but also customized presentations unique for your situation. Contact us to see what the options are.

Strategic alignment between business and IT

Our adagio here is doing the right things (from a business point of view) versus doing the things right (technical realization). Answer the “why” question before the “what”. This results in (strategical and tactical) advice for your organization.

Cloud migration strategy

Cloud is here to stay, if you have not touched the basics – we help you getting started in a meaningful way. Or we help you throughout your journey if you got stuck (on non technical aspects).

Business cases for tools and technologies

Every major IT investment requires some sort of business case. If not, it’s likely to fail (completely). We (help to) write business cases for tool implementations, cloud related projects and other technologies as well as for other problem areas.

Tool selection and implementation

We conduct tool selections based on business and technical requirements from an “enterprise perspective”. If you require a format and practical help to execute this, we’re here to bring in our experience.

Tech articles with a business view

We write tech related articles with a business view in mind. Our tech professionals know everything about CI/CD, DevSecOps and (cloud) security. They write about it to spread their knowledge but they also include the business point of view. This makes our articles unique.

Tech articles

Ask me anything

1 hour – ask me anything

Book a “1 hour” – ask me anything session. Submit the topic and problem area to us and speak to one of our experts for 1 hour. During the phone-based consult, you can ask anything about everything and we’re glad to provide you with the best advice we have.

Business proposals

We help you to write business proposals to structure and outline new business opportunities for your partners or (senior) management. All from within the CI/CD and DevSecOps perspective as well as other business related opportunities.

Business proposal

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If you did not find what service you are looking for – please contact us to get in touch. We are happy to discuss your challenges and like to reach out to you to solve them.