Containers Today – Dockerizing the Enterprise

During the summer of 2018 we conducted an interactive presentation at Containers Today in the Hague.

This was a full-day event which comprised a lot of technical and business-related talks about the usage of Containers within large organizations. Full title Containers Today – Dockerizing the Enterprise – fast and secure.

Context of presentation

Wiebe de Roos presented this topic together with a professional co-worker from his team. The description of the talk was as follows:

The story of the adoption of Docker (so far….) How we move from always overloaded statically defined Jenkins pipelines to a state of the art Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise implementation on AWS using Docker for Masters and Agents to provide ultimate scalability and flexibility for our DevOps teams.


Since this presentation was in the business track – we approached the implementation of Docker containers from the organizational as well as the technical point of view. Both go hand in hand and need to be aligned with each other. Most important topics of the presentation were:

  • Overcoming the technical issues about the CI/CD platform at the on-prem datacenter
  • Docker use cases at enterprise scale
  • Container security in multiple phases of the container life-cycle
  • The role of containers with regard to Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise
  • Speed up innovation with the help of containers

More information

The topics mentioned are just a quick summary of what we presented. If you are curious about more details and want to discuss our solution check out the following resources. Read more about this presentation at the blog at the website of Flusso. Both pages are in Dutch. Please check out the website from Containers Today for more information in English. Be sure to check the slides of this presentation.