What we do

We strongly believe in an optimal fit between business goals and IT related activities. Business IT Nerd connects the strategy of your organization with technical architecture and infrastructure and the other way around to achieve best results of IT investments. IT Nerds are very flexible and can change direction in any point of time.

Common activities which Business IT Nerd is involved into:

  • Setup requirements and use cases from different perspectives for a variety of IT projects (e.g. security tools, CI/CD tools, Cloud solutions, etc).
  • Help to implement CI/CD related projects to accelerate the software delivery processes and to boost innovation.
  • Help students from all over the world conduct their research – help them with their thesis.
  • Business IT Nerd provides practical use cases which help customers choose for our services.
  • We provide customized guidance & advice to find answers for your challenges which are part of your IT strategy.
  • Write business cases for IT related projects to find the rationale before doing big investments.
  • Practical research to analyze problems on the edge of Business and IT and provide concrete recommendations for those problems.
  • Implement and execute IT-driven projects at enterprise scale which support the mission statements.

There is a lot more we do – this is just a brief summary. Contact us to find out more.