About Wiebe de Roos

Wiebe de Roos is a passionate CI/CD Consultant / Engineer and has over 12 years of experience in various ICT related roles. These roles includes Java developer, scrum master, product owner, technical consultant & architect. Sparring partner for (senior) management. His focus is on Cloud native technology and security related aspects within an enterprise environment. He is a regular speaker at conferences throughout The Netherlands and Europe. His mission is to help companies improve and speed their Dev(Sec)Ops journey. This is achieved from a (strategic) management and a technical point of view. He advised large companies in the financial, mining & software development industry as well as governmental organizations in various countries. Always looking for new innovative technologies which help his customers. Keeps an eye on security related aspects.

Opening of the new office

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on the highlights of last year and to look forward to what the new year will bring.

Let’s start with the most prominent change. About a year ago, Business […]

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Number 1000 saw the light

Number 100 saw the light

The 100th article – a great milestone

At the beginning of April 2022, Business IT Nerd published the 100th article at the website of Amazic World.

We’ve been writing tech articles with a business twist since 2019 […]

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Finished DevSecOps training for sales team


One of our customers is a software distributor for various software vendors. The internal sales team required an upgrade of their knowledge to learn everything about DevSecOps, Containers, Container Platforms, Cloud, Security, DevSecOps, API (security), etc. A large package of trainings to […]

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DevSecOps Maturity Model is finished

DevSecOps Maturity Model

Everyone within the software industry knows about DevSecOps. Fewer people know about Maturity Models to measure the current maturity levels of their organization. Business IT Nerd co-created a DevSecOps Maturity Model with a business point of view. This maturity model […]

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The public Cloud is more secure than an in-house data-center

Business IT Nerd wrote an essay to proof that the public Cloud is more secure than an in-house data-center – even for sensitive (financial) information. The essay was the final assignment of the masterclass Cloud. The goal of this essay was to convince a number of senior managers from a […]

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How service-management sustains Business Continuity

Business IT Nerd conducted practical research at a large financial organization to analyze the impact of service management on the Business Continuity based on a number of strategic IT projects. The outcome of this research included practical advise to secure Business Continuity.

Research topics

The research topics included the following:

  • The […]
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New DevOps articles to boost your knowledge


Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona virus, the world is in a “lockdown state”. Isolation is the new buzzword to prevent being infected or to infect others. Great new opportunities kick in while staying in isolation in your cozy “home-office”. The […]

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