Project Description

Business IT nerd gave a talk at Palo Alto Ignite in Barcelona. It was a great talk together with Keith Mokris working for the Prisma Cloud Suite. Prisma Cloud incorporated the container security tool called Twistlock into their suite. Business IT Nerd also gave a great interview on stage @ Palo Alto Ignite.


Container security remains a very important topic for a lot of large organizations. As a result, the consultants from Business IT Nerd have acquired a lot of knowledge and experience. Therefore they help to keep the enterprise stay secure. At ABN AMRO bank, we help to rollout and secure the containerized environments. There is a big focus on Kubernetes. Teams use the Managed Container Platform to deploy their applications into the public cloud.

The interview

Christian Hentschel, president of Palo Alto, invited Wiebe de Roos on the big stage for an interview with him. The Q and A focused on a how ABN AMRO uses Twistlock to protect their data. Wiebe explained what led ABN AMRO to choose Twistlock:

  • The tool should cover container security in every stage of the software development lifecycle
  • The tool should be easy to use, since container security is a difficult topic already.

Next to it, he explained how ABN AMRO incorporated Twistlock into their Kubernetes offerings:

  • Twistlock defenders (runtime protections) comes as part of the (compliant) container platform.
  • Teams cannot switch their defenders off, they are protected without even knowing it.

Future state

A look into the future here:

ABN AMRO is moving towards Azure cloud as well. After the last big transformation to DevOps teams, there is a major focus on moving a lot of on-prem applications to Azure. Twistlock has to protect those applications as well, so there is a big need to secure Azure cloud native services.

The handling of (container related) vulnerabilities is critically important to stay compliant and secure. From this perspective, the review process is vital. Challenges lay ahead to incorporate these processes within the departments which are involved. The remediation of (run-time) vulnerabilities improves a lot when applying machine learning capabilities. Palo Alto provides the right tools for this as well. Can’t wait to see it in action.

Wrap up

You got curious? The entire keynote has been recorded. Please check out the link on Youtube. Being on the big stage for so many people (~2500) gives a big boost!