KubeCon – Cloud Native Security Day 2019

Wiebe de Roos spoke and participated in the Kubecon Cloud Native Security Day in Barcelona. The topics were mainly about Docker container security and DevSecOps.

This was a pre-conference day as part of KubeCon Barcelona. The day was organized by Twistlock the container security company and involved a lot of (container security) related tracks and programs. There were a lot of speakers which talked about container security, DevSecOps practices, Cloud native topics and many things more.

3 activities

Together with Dominik de Smit, we were involved in a lot of activities during that day:

At 10AM – The New Stack recorded a live stream/podcast in which we talked about the DevSecOps journey of a large enterprise.

At 1PM – We presented about the best initiatives of the DevSecOps transformation of a large enterprise This also included a lot of topics about Cloud Native Security and Secrets management. In this talk a preview was given to the excellent keynote session from the Container Security team. Their session has also been recorded.

At 3PM – We participated in a panel discussion together with Bryan Ross from Sky. Being one of the most important customers of Twistlock – we gave our expert level opinion and knowledge about specific features of Twistlock and Cloud Native security topics – including technical topics and governance. Ashley Ward – the principal solutions engineer from Twistlock moderated the panel – always using a personal touch with a lot of humor but never forgetting the professional setting.

Wrap up

The feedback and exposure we got from this day was very helpful for the next steps of our journey. Summarizing: this was a fantastic day fully packed with a lot of hot topics. We were proud to be part of it. Hope to be there again next year.