Business IT Nerd has a lot of knowledge about executing IT related projects. One of the key aspects in big organizations is the outsourcing of certain activities. This masterclass is all about the analysis and improve outsourcing strategy for ICT projects.

Current status of IT projects

To finish this masterclass we analyzed the current status of the projects which were (partly) being outsourced at the ICTU in The Hague. This non-for-profit organization outsourced a lot of projects in the past. The outcome of the analysis emphasized the need to bring more structure in the strategic vision of the projects being executed.

  • The following topics and theories were part of the final assignment:
  • Comparison of traditional outsourcing versus enterprise partnership
  • The role of Enterprise Architecture with respect to outsourcing
  • Requirements for partners to improve collaboration
  • Map the IT outsourcing risk exposure with the current projects being outsourced
  • Pros and cons of the steering aspects from the perspective of the ICT demand and supply organization
  • Setting up a sourcing vision and strategy for related projects and identifying crucial processes
  • Analyze the level of maturity of those processes in the organization
  • Plan of action with recommendations and improvements for the sourcing strategy and the processes

Informed decisions

Based on the research, analysis an contents of this assignment the ICTU was able to make more informed decisions about their sourcing projects. If you want to know more about this, please check our contact page to get in touch.