Improve the maturity level of Enterprise Architecture

Business IT Nerd followed the masterclass “Enterprise Architecture” (EA). We wrote a practical plan to improve the maturity level of Enterprise Architecture that contributed to the business goals of a mid size software development organization. This was the topic of the final assignment to get the certificate.

Aspects of the masterclass

The following aspects were highlighted during this assignment:

  • Outlining the different aspects of EA and identify the most important ones for the organization.
  • Determine the maturity level of EA in the organization.
  • Estimate the financial loss of projects gone wrong because of the low maturity level of EA.
  • Desired end-state of the maturity level of EA with respect to the business goals.
  • Evaluate the Dutch EA framework called “DYA”.
  • Practical tips and tricks to achieve the desired end-state of the maturity level.

Theory and models

To support the practical aspects, the following theories and models were used:

  • The role of EA in change management related projects (van Haren)
  • 4 quadrants model to position the current state of EA (Wagter)
  • Current and future situation of EA (DYA model)
  • Togaf framework (The Open Group)
  • Zachman framework (IBM)
  • Determine the maturity levels of EA (Sogeti NL)
  • Risk analysis of the implementation of EA

Impact of good Enterprise Architecture

The topic of EA is very broad and can be very deep – depending on your organization. It is very important to understand the level of EA in your organization to determine the impact of it with respect to your business goals. Business IT Nerd can help you with these topics. Contact us for more detailed information or advice.