One of our customers is a software distributor for various software vendors. The internal sales team required an upgrade of their knowledge to learn everything about DevSecOps, Containers, Container Platforms, Cloud, Security, DevSecOps, API (security), etc. A large package of trainings to make them a better sparring partner for the software they sell.

Business IT Nerd created the training material and actually conducted the 1.5hour long training sessions on every Friday between January and March 2022. It was very well received since the training material was of high quality. Since these trainings were not from a purely technical perspective, attendees could easily translate it to their situation. Besides the business and sales perspective on these technical topics, we did also bring in our “experience from the field”. This helped to understand the various topic and to stand into the shoes of the persons at the end-customer very well.

All in all, the recordings are ready and we’re happy to provide these trainings for you as well. Contact us to find out what we can for your organization.