Flow Engineering @ DevSecOps leadership events

On June 6th of 2024, Robert van Drunen and myself held a talk about Flow Engineering at the DevSecOps Leadership event in Amsterdam. The talk was on behalf of TenneT TSO and was organized by the top notch security company SonaType.

We presented our WoW in terms of collaboration with other teams/dependencies that all have a say in the next steps of the generic CI/CD platform we build. Flow engineering helped us to speed up the collaboration with other teams as well as push the platform in every increment we release. This approach is particularly useful in large and complex organizations that have to deal with a lot of teams, regulations and requirements before activities go to the next step. We explained the current status quo and some of our next steps in which Flow Engineering helped us.

Using practical examples like enabling DevOps teams to construct custom pipelines with all the needed steps to become autonomous in a diverse world helped to spread the knowledge about this topic.

Besides our talk, also Jean Paul van Deursen from the ABN AMRO Bank in The Netherlands shared his knowledge and experience in “being in control – realistically”. In his large and complex organization, it’s a challenge to keep up with all the teams and keep things “in control” in terms of security, technical advantages, legacy, supported tech stacks etc.

If you want to learn more about Flow Engineering, please checkout the book summary.

All in all, a great day to meet new folks and openly share what’s interesting to a lot of people.