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The public Cloud is more secure than an in-house data-center

Business IT Nerd wrote an essay to proof that the public Cloud is more secure than an in-house data-center – even for sensitive (financial) information. The essay was the final assignment of the masterclass Cloud. The goal of this essay was to convince a number of senior managers from a […]

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New DevOps articles to boost your knowledge


Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona virus, the world is in a “lockdown state”. Isolation is the new buzzword to prevent being infected or to infect others. Great new opportunities kick in while staying in isolation in your cozy “home-office”. The […]

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Summer stories about CI/CD

We are in the middle of a great summer season in The Netherlands. Lots of people are on holiday, others enjoy the empty roads and offices. It’s a great time to concentrate on work which demands focus. August has already started and […]

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S5 – super secure S3 buckets

S5 - super secure S3 buckets

Who do you trust most when it comes to your valuable data? Yourself or someone else? A lot of people have infinite trust in their cloud provider. It’s like they trust every new feature which comes out. […]

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Improve the maturity level of Enterprise Architecture

Business IT Nerd followed the masterclass “Enterprise Architecture” (EA). We wrote a practical plan to improve the maturity level of Enterprise Architecture that contributed to the business goals of a mid size software development organization. This was the topic of the final assignment to get the certificate.

Aspects of the masterclass

The […]

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