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Finished DevSecOps training for sales team


One of our customers is a software distributor for various software vendors. The internal sales team required an upgrade of their knowledge to learn everything about DevSecOps, Containers, Container Platforms, Cloud, Security, DevSecOps, API (security), etc. A large package of trainings to […]

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DevSecOps Maturity Model is finished

DevSecOps Maturity Model

Everyone within the software industry knows about DevSecOps. Fewer people know about Maturity Models to measure the current maturity levels of their organization. Business IT Nerd co-created a DevSecOps Maturity Model with a business point of view. This maturity model […]

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Accelerating software delivery and CI/CD

Transform CI/CD ABN AMRO

As of today, a lot of banks are moving from old school Waterfall project methodologies towards Agile ways of working. Financial institutes in The Netherlands is no exception. In fact, the bank is doing a great job with their transformations. […]

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Dockerizing the Enterprise – fast & secure

Containers Today

Everyone working with (Docker) Containers might have heard of ContainersToday already. This 1-day event organized by Amazic was held for the very fist time in 2018. Containers Today is all about the adoption and usage of Containers within organizations. On behalf of […]

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Highlights of Dockercon Copenhagen

Dockercon Copenhagen 2017

Docker inc, the company behind one of the most popular container technologies organized Dockercon In December 2017. We collected the highlights of Dockercon Copenhagen. The Bella center made an excellent choice for this successful event.

Kubernetes build-in

The members of Business IT Nerd […]

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