Number 100 saw the light

The 100th article – a great milestone

At the beginning of April 2022, Business IT Nerd published the 100th article at the website of Amazic World.

We’ve been writing tech articles with a business twist since 2019 and this is an impressive milestone to celebrate. Our brand new article is all about security tools. Not the technical capabilities that everyone can find on the vendor’s website. It’s about what business professionals want to see in their tools to run their business with the help of these tools.

Often, non functional requirements are forgotting or the requirements only come from a hand of tech-related guys and they forget about the business side of things. When the tool is selected, it’s too late – they feel forgotten. This article explains what business professionals want and why they need it. Use it in jour tool selection journey.

What about the other 99 articles? Well, there are so much topics to explore, it’s best if you view it yourself. So check out my “personal page” with links to all the other articles.

Happy reading, keep coming back and view more articles every now and then.