Jenkins on Azure

Jenkins days 2017 in Amsterdam was being organized by Jenkins reseller AmazicThe consultants of Business IT nerd presented their use case of Jenkins on Azure at a large bank. Read on to get the highlights of Jenkins on Azure – a great combination.

A unique presentation

Jenkins is a so called “CI/CD tool”. CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. The concepts of CI/CD helps developers to bring their applications faster and more reliable in production.

A lot of companies started their cloud journey a couple of years ago. This is also true for large enterprises – slowly they are brushing up their image. Not being slow and become very innovative is king. We showed one of their first projects running in the public cloud. Running Jenkins in Azure was a combination which was not very common by then.

One of the key aspects of this presentation is as follows. Don’t just focus on the technological aspects – the organizational aspects are just as important. Getting all stakeholders onboard is crucial for such a large project.

Contents of the blog

This external blog zooms in into the following topics:

  • Business use case of CI tools and Jenkins in particular
  • The role of Jenkins as CI platform
  • Implementation of Jenkins / Docker / Azure
  • Future vision of the CI platform

Read the full blog (in Dutch)