How One of The Netherlands’ Largest Banks Came to CI/CD

At the end of May 2019, Business IT Nerd was interviewed by “The new Stack”. The interview was all about the CI/CD and DevSecOps projects/activities of a large bank. It’s the story of How One of The Netherlands’ Largest Banks Came to CI/CD. Business IT Nerd played an important role in the transition from a traditional Agile organization into a DevSecOps minded organization.

The interview was broadcasted live on Youtube so everyone in the world could attend it for free. Sponsor of the event was Twistlock – the container security company. Several blogs were written about it: the main blog from The New Stack and Itonedev.

Topics discussed

Every financial organization should be an IT organization nowadays. All financial products are in fact software products. These kind of products produce software applications. Thus the organization has to become an IT organization.

The interview revealed a lot of topics:

  • The transformation of a traditional waterfall organization to DevOps
  • The role Jenkins played in the CI/CD journey
  • The role of security – filled in by the Twistlock product suite
  • The journey and maturity of DevOps teams across the enterprise

Journey to CI/CD

The reasons to move away from a traditional waterfall organization towards DevOps is obvious: software delivery was slow, security was not build-in into the workflows and the teams were not really mature. The last couple of months, there were heavily investments in the adoption of public cloud technology, adoption of serverless and containers. VMs in the on-prem data center are becoming a thing of the past.

Management supports the strategy of “Cloud first” instead of running VMs and manage themselves.

The full blog

Podcasts like these highlight the international aspect of the ICT industry. Being recognized by the professionals of The New Stacks adds a lot of credibility and recognition for the people involved. This is in fact a big boost for the DEV teams who do the hard job of moving along with the every changing organizational aspects.

Read the full blog at the The New Stack or Itonedev to get answers on How One of The Netherlands’ Largest Banks Came to CI/CD.