Containers Today

Everyone working with (Docker) Containers might have heard of ContainersToday already. This 1-day event organized by Amazic was held for the very fist time in 2018. Containers Today is all about the adoption and usage of Containers within organizations. On behalf of a large bank Wiebe de Roos conducted a talk called Dockerizing the Enterprise – fast & secure.

Great container use cases

In the talk, Wiebe de Roos and his co-worker Jean Paul van Deursen highlighted the journey of the bank towards containers so far. It all started out with some good use cases for containers within the enterprise.

Production like environments, faster test out new features, reduce conflicting configurations across different VMs and the adoption of micro-services are just a new. Another big requirement is the adoption of innovative new technologies like Kubernetes.

Details of containers within the bank

A big part of the topic was dedicated to two aspects:

  • The CI/CD processes within the context of software development life-cycle
  • Docker container security from various perspectives

Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise plays a significant role in the containerization journey. It was one of the first (major) tools completely built upon the concepts of containers. Every Agile team now gets it’s own dedicated Jenkins master server. Free from conflicts of other teams – free from delays about overloaded VMs. It scales as needed.

Container security

Yet another great topic of the talk. Security is vital for a financial institute. Container security is no exception. In fact, it plays a role in various stages of the application deployment life-cycle. From source code, to build time to run-time. These concepts were explained from a strategic business and technological point of view.

Be sure to include the managers in this journey to keep all stakeholders onboarded. If you want to read more please check out the special entry or the full blog (in Dutch).