Devops Scalability Award

It’s good to be rewarded when you have done a lot of hard work implementing business critical CI/CD projects on an enterprise scale. In October last year we collected our Cloudbees DevOps World & Scalability Award. This 3-day event was organized by Cloudbees, the vendor of Jenkins.

The Jenkins journey

Business IT Nerd conducted a talk about the journey of Jenkins and Dev(Sec)Ops at ABN AMRO. This talk expressed the main milestones of the journey of the last two years. A major part of the presentation consisted of the transition from VM-based Jenkins (100+VMs) towards containers. The movement of containers is critical for ABN AMRO. With the Jenkins Enterprise rollout in AWS this is now a reality. VMS can be phased out slowly.

Topics of the presentation

Big projects like this have a major impact on the technological aspects and concepts which are used throughout the Agile teams. It’s not just the technical aspects only – the organizational aspects are as important as the technical ones. Stefan Simenon – head of the department which executed the rollout explained it. These other topics were also addressed:

  • A history of Jenkins within ABN AMRO
  • The position of Jenkins in the CI/CD landscape
  • The transformation of the organization from waterfall to Agile Scrum to DevOps
  • Using Docker and Jenkins to deploy as fast and secure as possible
  • Moving from on-prem VMs to Dockerized infrastructure in AWS
  • The Jenkins team at ABN AMRO won the DevOps Scalability award – 2018
  • Roadmap & next steps

Salability award

We are very happy to have received the Cloudbees DevOps World & Scalability Award as a recognition of all of our hard work. It’s a big mental boost for other projects which are about the be kicked off right now. Lot’s of exiting new projects to start. Keep on moving in the right direction!

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