DevSecOps Maturity Model

Everyone within the software industry knows about DevSecOps. Fewer people know about Maturity Models to measure the current maturity levels of their organization. Business IT Nerd co-created a DevSecOps Maturity Model with a business point of view. This maturity model helps organizations to find out at which level they score on different DevSecOps related categories.

It’s not just from the technical point of view, but it has the (business) managers and other professionals in mind which work at the organizational level. This unique approach makes it much more suitable for organizations that want to understand “how far” they are in their DevSecOps journey. Forget about the “real nerds” which tend to fill stuff in the way they see it. It’s about the entire organization that matters.

The Maturity Model consists of a so called “wizard/questionnaire” that consists of 40 questions and answers. When completed, you will receive a score report with more info per question and/or category. Our consultants are happy to guide you through and provide you with expert level advice and recommendations to progress to a higher level.

Contact us to speak about the possibilities it can offer for you.