Project Description

Nexus User Conference – 2018

Sonatype organized a webinar for all their users worldwide.  The major customers of Sonatype presented their use cases and best practices with regard to the Sonatype tools they use. going on for 24 hours = webinars were held during a time span of 1 complete day. Enter the Nexus User Conference – 2018.

Use cases

A large Dutch bank was one of the companies presenting their use case. Wiebe de Roos was involved in this talk. Most use cases are found at multiple companies: long lead times, lots of manual handovers, lack of software quality etc. Other cases includes inefficient cooperation between developer teams and operators. Major problems to solve when taking into account the size of the organization.

Key topics

To overcome all of these – numberous topics were addressed during the talk:

  • Current and future state of CI/CD pipelines
  • Realized benefits of the last year with regard to CI/CD
  • The implementation of DevSecOps principles into the organization
  • Container security stages within the CI pipeline
  • The role of credentials management
  • Future vision of CI/CD and DevSecOps


One of the key aspects to tackle the challenges were the pipelines. Special PIPE teams created pipelines for all different technical workloads. Teams can use these so-called “standard pipelines” to push their applications through the various stages of CI/CD. Technology includes Java, front-end, Go, mobile, etc. It proved to be a big benefit of having standard pipelines which can be re-used very easily.

Webinar and blog

For those who are interested, here is the link to the webinar on Youtube. It is available without registration. If you prefer a written version, check out the blog of Derek Weeks (working for Sonatype).