Project Description

EMEA Pug challenge – Dockerizing the enterprise

Have you ever been to the Croke Park stadium in Dublin? It’s a well known place to be for a great football match – or to go to a conference. In October 2018 Wiebe de Roos gave a nice presentation at the EMEA Pug challenge – Dockerizing the enterprise.


Wiebe de Roos was being invited by Flusso BV – a small ICT company in Leusden. Most important technology is the Progress 4GL language. Not knowing anything about Progress – Wiebe zoomed in at Docker (security) and Progress. This was to make sure there was a proper connection with the audience.

Setting the context

Most of people in the room have a Progress background or have experience with related tools like OpenEdge. Therefore it was important to set a proper baseline since Docker/Container technologies are fairly new to the Progress world. So it all started with the context of containers on an enterprise level.

Inspiring topics

  • Business value of containers compared to VMs
  • The current state of the CI/CD tools and processes – and a future vision of it
  • Optimizing for team autonomy in a highly secure banking environment
  • The role of CI/CD and Jenkins with regard to containers
  • The security aspects of containers (on multiple levels)
  • A small section about Progress software and containerization

Flusso BV

Flusso BV is a mid-size ICT company focusing on Progress and Java software development for customers in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. They also focus on CI/CD related projects and they do offer consultancy related projects and activities at their customers. Business IT Nerd helps them to achieve this goal.

More to explore

For more information visit the PUG website and search for the track (on Thursday). More information about this presentation can be found on the website of Flusso (Blog is in Dutch). This blog post also includes the other cases which were presented.