Project Description

Evaluation of Program Management at Flusso

Business IT Nerd acquires a lot of knowledge about the main concepts of Program Management. This masterclass was finished by conducting practical research on the evaluation of Program Management at Flusso. It focuses on the main methodologies and frameworks. The research was carried out at Flusso BV.

Implement it or not

Flusso BV executes a lot of ICT projects (software development) in parallel. This masterclass was very useful to determine if Flusso should implement the concepts of a program management methodology to oversee their projects.

In the final assignment of this masterclass the following topics and concepts were used to give this advice to the organization:

  • An analysis of the mismatch between the organizational goals and the projects being executed by Scrum teams.
  • Definition of desired quality of ICT projects and software applications being delivered.
  • Comparison of project- and program management with respect to the context of Flusso.
  • Analysis of the program management aspects which are relevant for Flusso.
  • Expected and quantified advantages of program management.
  • The financial loss of recent projects gone wrong.
  • Comparison of different program management methodologies and advise about which one would fit within the organization of Flusso.
  • Recommendations about which program management framework would best support the organizational goals.

Theory and models

The following theories and models were used:

  • Project management maturity model (P3M3)
  • A4 program management (Rene Hombergen), IPM model (Novius), managing successful programs (MSP), PGM model (Twynstra – Gudde).
  • Competing values framework (Cameron & Quin)
  • Color theories (Caluwe)
  • Models and diagrams for the Project Management Institute (PMI)

More topics and context

There is a lot more about this topic since it is very diverse and complicated. All has to be put into context for your organization and the current status of your ICT related projects. Contact us to get more information and to talk with our experts to see if program management will benefit your organization.