DevOps Scalability Achievement Award

After several years of hard work of the implementation and roll-out of Jenkins Enterprise, the principles of DevOps and the adoption of Docker containers at a large Dutch bank…the Jenkins team received the DevOps Scalability Achievement Award.

Big boost

It emphasizes the eagerness and the enthusiasm of all who were involved. Wiebe de Roos, founder of Business IT Nerd was involved from the very beginning and he was supported by his other team members. This is a great motivator to further concentrate on the next topics. It strengthens our team spirit and helped us to solve long pending discussions.

Connecting business and tech

Projects like these combine the best of being a Nerd and a Business minded person – since one need the technical stuff as well as a proper business case and the people from the business who support everything to make this a success.

Details of the business case are:

  • Move away from static VMs and use Docker containers instead
  • Attract more smart people to work with us (recruit talent)
  • Accelerate innovation since DEV teams can experiment themselves more
  • Reduce number of conflicts between servers (isolation of workloads)
  • Improve and increase team autonomy – don’t be dependent on a central team

External blog

The blog at the website of Flusso (in Dutch) has more info about this award and also highlights the activities at Jenkins World in Nice.

For more information check out the website of Cloudbees and the shining stars page. Jeanne Talbot from Cloudbees also wrote a nice blog about this case.