Articles for Amazic World

Last summer was full of new initiatives. One of them was the start of the articles published at Amazic World. Amazic and it’s website transforms into a platform where developers and software vendors can find each other. Their new section about articles is also brand new. Business IT nerd started to write great and inspiring articles for Amazic World.


Business IT Nerd writes about topics like Agile, Containers, cloud native technologies, cloud native security, etc. Being free in the topics and the way the items per topic are written is a great value. Remember one of the core principles of DevOps: team autonomy? Writing articles for with this level of accelerate the great levels of power which true autonomous teams also have. All topics are about innovative topics and have a business twist.

Practical cases

When writing about new and innovative topics it’s very important to understand the impact of those topics to organizations. The theoretical part of the story is easy – it can be found on the website of the software vendor. But what about the practical part? Most topics are written from a practical perspective as well. Readers should understand the real impact and possibilities of the topics being addressed. Practical information about real use cases, real situations are much more valuable since they provide a baseline of which (potential) customers can decide upon. Theory is nice, practical experience is better.

Personal identity

Wiebe de Roos is the author of the articles. Amazic World has attracted some other good authors. Compared to them, Wiebe writes from a rather different perspective. No matter how technical the article is, he always keeps some room to address the business perspective. For example on the big topic of container security: what does it matter for your organization to have a full list of security findings if you don’t know what is important and what not. In articles like these there is a prioritized list of findings which are relevant to fix from a business point of view. Personal identity is king here.

Getting there

No one wants to read long stories which quickly become boring. I don’t want to write too much about writing articles either 😉 So move on and check out the latest articles.