About Wiebe de Roos

Wiebe de Roos is a passionate CI/CD Consultant / Engineer and has over 12 years of experience in various ICT related roles. These roles includes Java developer, scrum master, product owner, technical consultant & architect. Sparring partner for (senior) management. His focus is on Cloud native technology and security related aspects within an enterprise environment. He is a regular speaker at conferences throughout The Netherlands and Europe. His mission is to help companies improve and speed their Dev(Sec)Ops journey. This is achieved from a (strategic) management and a technical point of view. He advised large companies in the financial, mining & software development industry as well as governmental organizations in various countries. Always looking for new innovative technologies which help his customers. Keeps an eye on security related aspects.

Highlights of Dockercon Copenhagen

Dockercon Copenhagen 2017

Docker inc, the company behind one of the most popular container technologies organized Dockercon In December 2017. We collected the highlights of Dockercon Copenhagen. The Bella center made an excellent choice for this successful event.

Kubernetes build-in

The members of Business IT Nerd […]

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Evaluation of Program Management at Flusso

Business IT Nerd acquires a lot of knowledge about the main concepts of Program Management. This masterclass was finished by conducting practical research on the evaluation of Program Management at Flusso. It focuses on the main methodologies and frameworks. The research was carried out at Flusso BV.

Implement it or not

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Improve the maturity level of Enterprise Architecture

Business IT Nerd followed the masterclass “Enterprise Architecture” (EA). We wrote a practical plan to improve the maturity level of Enterprise Architecture that contributed to the business goals of a mid size software development organization. This was the topic of the final assignment to get the certificate.

Aspects of the masterclass

The […]

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Requirements Engineering and improving IT projects

Successful outcome of software projects is greatly influenced by proper requirements.  During this masterclass Business IT Nerd gathered information to improve the results of IT projects by proper Requirements Engineering techniques within a large enterprise organization.

Practical research

This was done based on research which consisted of a lot of questionnaires […]

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