DevSecOps Maturity Model is finished

DevSecOps Maturity Model

Everyone within the software industry knows about DevSecOps. Fewer people know about Maturity Models to measure the current maturity levels of their organization. Business IT Nerd co-created a DevSecOps Maturity Model with a business point of view. This maturity model […]

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The public Cloud is more secure than an in-house data-center

Business IT Nerd wrote an essay to proof that the public Cloud is more secure than an in-house data-center – even for sensitive (financial) information. The essay was the final assignment of the masterclass Cloud. The goal of this essay was to convince a number of senior managers from a […]

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How service-management sustains Business Continuity

Business IT Nerd conducted practical research at a large financial organization to analyze the impact of service management on the Business Continuity based on a number of strategic IT projects. The outcome of this research included practical advise to secure Business Continuity.

Research topics

The research topics included the following:

  • The […]
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