Summer season in The Netherlands is over. Autumn has just started and the first rainy days are already a fact. Nevertheless the colors of nature are beautiful. Time to wrap up and provide a brief summary of the latest articles which are published at the website of Amazic World recently. Read on to understand more about the Container security articles and Site Reliability Engineering. Also, don’t forget S5 – the Super Secure S3 bucket article which has been published recently.

Container security summer special

A lot of effort has been put in place to write about the exiting topic called “Container Security”. There is a bunch of subtopics with in total make up the entire topic. My goal was to give readers a quick start so they know what the topics are about.

In the first article “A business view on container security” I outlined how to start the implementation of Container Security in organizations. The article is from the business point of view as well as the main technical aspects which come into play.

Container security special


One of the first steps is to secure container (base) images. In the article “Container Security – the static part” I outlined the main reasons to do so. Also I offered practical tips and tricks to start with it. A lot of websites provide huge lists about everything that can be done. I choose to focus in the most relevant topics – all based upon experience from some large enterprises.

Security container images is just the start. One of the other core aspects is the security of container run-time environments. In the article that followed, I provided an overview of the aspects which are important here. Topics like CIS compliance, learning containers and Kubernetes were outlined.

Want to know more about practical implementations? See our portfolio and browse the gallery.

Site Reliability Engineering

Although not new, still not a lot of people in the ICT industry have heard of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Since this topic is gaining more interest, I decided to write about it. It is an extension to the article “Learn to fail or fail to learn”. In SRE it is important to balance the efforts to keep the systems running while also delivering new features for your business applications. Read on to keep yourself informed.

Some notes about team autonomy

Everyone is probably aware that team autonomy is one of the core principles of DevOps. A DevOps team should be able to work independent to fully execute the Developer and Ops related tasks. What if team autonomy is implemented a bit too strict? A lot of drawbacks happen to the organization. Read the post “Too much team autonomy can hurt your organization” to find out the bad things about too much team autonomy.

Super secure S3 buckets

A completely different topic has been described by partner Johnander Jansen. He wrote about S5 – his solution to provide Super Secure S3 buckets hosted in the Amazon public Cloud.

Whereas traditional S3 buckets can be secured very well, he adds an extra layer of security on top of it. In essence, it’s about putting the trust (back) into your own hands.

Final words

As you can see, summer has brought us good articles and nice new topics to explore. Keep coming back to read more when new articles are published.