We are in the middle of a great summer season in The Netherlands. Lots of people are on holiday, others enjoy the empty roads and offices. It’s a great time to concentrate on work which demands focus. August has already started and it’s great to look back to see what July has brought us. Check out the summer stories about CI/CD.


In July I started to write articles for the new concept of Amazic: it’s called Amazic World. My articles are all about the mixture of business and tech. It’s this combination which drives companies: execute their business strategy by creating great IT products. However, this combination also comes with a lot of challenges. Those challenges I see in my professional life.

So I decided to spread my views about it. The result can be found in the first collection of articles which have been published so far. If you want to deep dive into it, check out my profile and scroll the articles which are listed. Keep on reading to get a short summary.

Containers as artifacts

Containers are everywhere in the software industry. I was surprised to see them being treated as   “special cases”. They were treated differently compared to other software artifacts. That should not be the case.

Not running containers in production is a risk

When thinking about a proper title for this article I decided to turn the topic upside down. I won’t focus on running containers in production is a (security) risk but approach it from the business perspective. If you are stuck with static VMs and still not running any containers in production – that’s a risk for your business. You are missing all of the benefits which comes with containers.

Learn to fail or fail to learn

People working in the software development industry are never finished learning. Dev teams need to learn from application failures (in the Cloud). It’s good to be prepared since it’s painful to debug stuff in production. Especially when you have planned to drink a nice cool craft beer.

Recaps of conferences

Tech oriented companies keep organizing great conferences in summer. It’s a bit tricky to say people are postponing their holidays to attend these conferences. But what is true is that Containers Today and HashiConf attracted a lot of tech-savvy guys. If you just returned from your holiday, be sure to check out the recaps.

Wrap up

I hope these summer stories about CI/CD inspire you. Tried to get them from a new perspective. If you do like them don’t forget to bookmark my profile page. New stories are added there frequently.