Dockercon Copenhagen 2017

Docker inc, the company behind one of the most popular container technologies organized Dockercon In December 2017. We collected the highlights of Dockercon Copenhagen. The Bella center made an excellent choice for this successful event.

Kubernetes build-in

The members of Business IT Nerd visited the conference to get informed about the latest and greatest news about Docker.

The greatest announcement was presented at the keynote of the first day. Docker will now support Kubernetes as the second build-in orchestrator. Containers can run in Swarm mode as well as in Kubernetes at the same time. With this big improvement, Docker Inc moves a step closer to the – soon to be – number one container orchestrator. It’s a big plus for companies demanding the enterprise grade features of Kubernetes for their workloads.

Docker enterprise edition

There were a lot other topics being presented at the conference. Most of them were very technical, especially the black belt sessions. Not only IT Nerds should have a great time. A lot of other tracks were dedicated to the strategic benefits of containers versus VMs. Docker Enterprise, the commercial solution of Docker Inc is getting more traction. Take for example the presentation of the Finnish railway – completely built upon Docker containers with the rollout of Docker Enterprise for their entire IT organization.

Other topics

A short blog like this can never be complete. However, the following list presents a good overview of the other topics.

  • The MTA (modernize traditional applications) program is getting more important.
  • Practical sessions about tips and tricks to troubleshoot problems when it comes to Docker containers.
  • Lots of useful sessions about the best practices of Docker (images) and security.
  • Kubernetes will be build-into the Docker engine next to Docker Swarm.
  • A lot of deep dive sessions about the technical aspects of Docker (enterprise edition)

What’s next

More info and details can be found in the external blog (in Dutch) of the website of Flusso.