Transform CI/CD ABN AMRO

As of today, a lot of banks are moving from old school Waterfall project methodologies towards Agile ways of working. Financial institutes in The Netherlands is no exception. In fact, the bank is doing a great job with their transformations. It’s accelerating software delivery and CI/CD related initiatives.

Accelerating software delivery

In the recent past the third-largest bank in The Netherlands faced a lot of challenges when it comes to deliver software on time and within budget boundaries. Major aspects included long lead times, many manual handovers and slow processes to approve standard changes. To go short: business continuity for DevOps teams was at risk. With the rise of CI/CD and Agile ways of working then needed to keep on accelerating software delivery processes. And that’s what they did. Jeanne Talbot wrote a lengthy blog about it.

The Cloudbees Blog

Large enterprises use Jenkins Enterprise as their major CI tool for 350+ Agile teams. Cloudbees wrote about the major factors and improvements of the last year with regard to accelerating software delivery:

  • Becoming more agile every week
  • Current statistics – teams and projects
  • Decentralize maintenance – more team autonomy
  • Implementation of Jenkins Enterprise at AWS
  • DevOps transformations

Next steps

One of most important next steps are the upgrade from Jenkins Enterprise V1 to V2. Major change is the infrastructure layer. It’s completely based on Kubernetes which helps to make this solution more professional and future-proof. If you want to read the full blog be sure to check out the website of Cloudbees.